ScreenprintingSilkscreen printing is the most effective way of imprinting on any fabrics or materials, and it is well-suited to highly detailed logos or artwork. A multitude of colors are available, including metallics, Pantone TM color matching, glow-in-the-dark, and flourescent inks.

Standard Ink Colors

AVERAGE TURN-AROUND TIME: 5 to 10 business days

SENDING US YOUR LOGO: To have your logo screen printed on apparel or accessories, a 'screen' (or 'stencil') of your logo or art has to be made. But don't worry, we will take care of that part. Our art department will take the necessary steps to prepare your art for this process. All we need from you is your art!

Please click here to view our full instructions on sending art digitally.

HOW DOES SCREENPRINTING WORK?: Screen printing is an artistic process where a digital version of your art is generated to capture each individual part or color of your logo or design. An acetate film is produced, representing a positive of the design. Screens are 'photochemically' burned from the acetate film positives, then rinsed under high pressure to knock out a stencil. The stencil allows the ink to transfer through the design onto the imprinted material.

DO I NEED SCREENS?: Every design has to have a screen containing a 'stencil' of the art in order to transfer it onto a garment. For every color in your design, a separate screen is needed. College Hype requires that new screens are produced for all NEW artwork submitted. Screens can be re-used if a customer wishes to re-order.