Good morning Kathleen,

I did not get to see you when I returned those small sweats on Saturday, but I wanted to email me you and say thank you. The level of customer service that you provided was beyond incredible! From the moment you walked over to help me I felt like a part of the College Hype family, that is what customer service is about. You're very personable, and exceptionally friendly and I felt nothing short of welcomed as soon as I walked in the door.

I hope that our school continues to utilize your services in future years to come!

Best regards,
Jessica Devance

​Jessica Devance

Oh my gosh those kids were so pumped walking into school wearing those shirts.  The teachers were in tears. They were on display for the whole school today as well, as they had a Friday assembly and even got to stand up and talk about the trip to everyone in the whole school.  All the other teachers were sooooo jealous.  What a great time everyone had.  I sure hope we didn't wreck too much there.  They did get a bit wild - can't imagine who was egging that on - but boy was it fun.  The parents think you guys are too cool for words and all want me to get those Medfield shirts to sell in town, so I will be in touch on that.  Thank you for everything.  Please pass along my thanks to everyone there.  It was great to see folks again and I really appreciate all their patience with the kiddos.  Thanks for the pictures too!!!!

Heidi ~ Proud Mom

Thanks very much for all the t-shirts that you provided LCHS.   As usual they came out awesome and as always the kids loved them!  The visors came out awesome. . . .the kids loved them.  Have a good summer and see you in the fall. Thanks very much again.


Jack, Your rep Greg Calkins is unbelievable!! He has been very responsive and helpful. I am thoroughly enjoying working with him! Mary Sogomonian

Mary Sogomonian

I just wanted to let you know that Sara Smith from the Lee School could not stop talking about how professional you were and what great service she received from you.  She loved that you were willing to come down and meet her face to face - so NICE JOB!  

Sara Smith - Lee School

Thanks again for the great job on the shirts for my summer trip.  They were a great success.  I've attached a picture from Lithuania where we docked in what used to be a castle moat that has been opened to the ocean by a canal.  A great trip with good weather, good company and good clothes.


Thanks for the shirts. They look great.  I appreciate your prompt and courteous service.

Best, Jon

I haven't said this in a while and I know you already know this but you and the rest of the crew truly are a class act!!
College Hype is the best! Thanks again Joe!

Gio - Boston Public Schools

Dear Greg and Danny,

Attached is a picture of how we displayed the gifts we ordered from College Hype at our awards dinner. It was a “cozy theme” with the beautiful blankets, wine glasses (wrapped in our colors) and local wine for each guest to take. The feedback I received has been incredible! I keep hearing about how soft and warm the blankets are and that the glasses are of such great quality. Thank you both for your recommendations and for jumping through hoops to create the perfect gifts and within budget! I don’t know how we are going to top it next year!



Melissa - FMC Ice

Thank you for checking in and for all of your assistance. The sweatshirts are a hit! Everyone is SO pleased with how they came out. We will definitely be using them in the future and will recommending you going forward! Greg was so great to work with and was quick with all of his responses. Thank you again for all of your assistance!

Alyson, Northeastern University

Hello, I want to send a huge thank you to you for getting my order done so quickly and so beautifully. Thanks to you, the Galway Girl team dancers and their moms had their shirts in time for the U12 teams dinner last week. They were a huge hit. I'm glad I got a couple of extras because two of the teachers asked for one. They thought they were beautiful and their families were from Galway so it had meaning to them. I can't thank you enough. Thank you also for the two bonus sweatshirts. They are wonderful and I know the other teachers will possibly want one.  I really appreciate your kindness and thoughtfulness. You have gone above and beyond. Thank you again. Take care.

Team Galway Girl -Bernadette McEvoy
The absolute best shirt we've ever order! Huge hit. Only complaint was when I went to pick them up Reborn President of T-Shirt Operations Jack Doherty, or Salesman of the Year Joe Foley were not present to play my kids in ping pong! 
College Hype is a truly a family....and if I wasn't successful I would want to work with you all. 
P.s.    All Roads to Lead to Somerville!!! 
Harvey, Salem State

We won the championship for the second year in a row! The jackets came out awesome...everyone was blown away. The timing was perfect as well, as we had them just in time for the playoffs (& cool nights). Thanks to you & everyone at College Hype for all your help. In addition to winning on the field, we continue to be the best-dressed team in the league. Thanks again.


I just got the best package I've received through work mail. Thank you so much for the gorgeous baby blanket for Tucker. It is adorable. You are the best! Please pass along my thanks to the whole team.

Megan, Eric, and Tuck

Hi Jack:

We cannot thank you enough for your these t-shirts. We Brought lunch in today and watched the parade at noon. During the parade, we handed out the Tshirts. Some of our staff took this shot and I wanted to send it along to you. We love them! Great job and so very creative. Thanks again for thinking of Dave and Atlantic. You rock!!

Best, Val

Atlantic Semiconductor Sporting Dynasty 5 Tees